Friday, October 12, 2018

0700-0800 Breakfast

Nanosonics PresentsInterfacing reprocessing with the expanded clinical use of ultrasound, Ruth Carrico, Rose Seavey

0815-0900 Welcome – Opening Ceremonies – Merlee
Steele-Rodway, CAMDR President
0900-1030 Opening Keynote Speaker: Meg Soper
1030-1100 Refreshment Break
1100-1200 Featured Speaker Endoscope reprocessing – paradigm shift, Dr. Michelle Alfa
1200-1300 Lunch
1300-1400 Concurrent sessions – Quality System Approach

  1. How do you ensure endoscope reprocessing – quality approach, Dr. Michelle Alfa
  2. Performance Qualification (Product & process),       Linda Jakeman
1415-1500 Featured SpeakerImportance of Water QualityDr. Herbert Kaiser
1500-1515 Refreshment Break
1515-1600 Featured SpeakerBiofilm – Myths & Risks, Dr. Gerry McDonnell
1615-1700 Expert PanelDr. Michelle Alfa, Dr. Gerry McDonnell, Dr. Herbert Kaiser, Linda Jakeman
1800-1900 Bus to Cunard Center
1800-1930 Cocktail Reception with Exhibits (cash bar)
1930-2300 Pirate Theme – Banquet Dinner & Social
2200-2330 Bus back to Marriott Halifax Harbourfront


Saturday, October 13, 2018

0700-0800 Breakfast

3M Presents: Improving the quality of flexible endoscope reprocessingJanet Prust

0800-0815 Welcome Back – Dianne Trudeau, CAMDR Conference Chair
0820-0920 Concurrent Sessions

  1. “We Do No Harm”, Stephen Kovac
  2. Inspection of endoscopes: how to interpret findings, Mary Ann Drosnock
0930-1015 Concurrent Sessions

  1. Are You Ready for Competency Assessment? Sue Lafferty
  2. Changing Behaviors and Infection Prevention and Control, Barley Chironda
1030-1100 Bus to Cunard Center
1100-1630 Vendor Exhibition
1200-1300 Lunch in Exhibition hall
1430-1500 Refreshments in Exhibition hall
1600-1700 Bus back to Marriott Halifax Harbourfront Hotel
1730 Free Evening


Sunday, October 14, 2018

0700-0815 Breakfast & Annual General Meeting
0830-0835 Welcome Back, Merlee Steele-Rodway, CAMDR President
0845-0945 Concurrent Sessions

  1. Bridging the Gap Between OR & MDR, Becky White & Beth Kingsbury
  2. Infection Prevention in Endoscopy, Keeping Patients and Practioners Safe, Cheri Ackert-Burr
0945-1000 Refreshment Break
1000-1100 Q & A panel – Provincial Advisors Thelma
Floyd, Deborah Paget, Pat Quinn & Becky White
Registrants to submit questions in advance
1115-1215 Closing Keynote Speaker: Bill Carr
1215-1230 Closing Remarks & CAMDR President Handover, Merlee Steele-Rodway, CAMDR President