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Getinge presents: A Cavitating Experience! Surgical instruments can be complex devices and they continue to increase in complexity
By: Thomas Overbey
ACART Presents: Trends in Sterile Storage
By Katie Flynn
Surgical Products Specialties: presents – Visual Inspection of Medical Devices
By: Stephen M Kovach
Getinge presents: A Cavitating Experience!
By: Thomas Overbey
Nanosonics Presents: Introducing trophon2… the latest innovation in ultrasound probe high level disinfection.
By Florence Ouellet
Nanosonics Presents: Introducing trophon2… the latest innovation in ultrasound probe high level disinfection.
By Florence Ouellet
Stryker Presents: Responsible & Cost Effective Reuse of Single-use Medical Devices
By Nick Sandy
Endoch Presents: Steriview to Validate the disinfection Quality
ACART Presents: Trends in Sterile Storage
By Katie Flynn
SciCan presents: GI Reprocessing Room: Don’t miss a chance to build it right!
By: Patrick Hennessy
Steris Presents: Wrangling the Chaos of Record Keeping with Electronic Documentation
By Ian Paquegnat
Steris Presents: Redefining Washing Automation
By Sarah Brown
Cantel Presents:
Workflow and Productivity in Sterile Processing
By: Mark Duro
Cantel Presents:
Current Standards vs. Best Practices in MDR/CSR/SPD Water Systems
By: Mark Houghton
Keir presents: Surgical Instrument Marking and UDI Compliance
By Patrick Haney
Integra Life Sciences Presents: Multiple Challenges, One Solution; IntegraLink Equipment Services
By J. Christopher Sogard and Matthew Ibbett
Olympus presents: New Developments in Endoscope Reprocessing
By: Jane Smallwood
3M presents: The Magic of the 3M ™Attest ™ Sterilization Solutions
By: Sylvia Cleaver
3M presents: The Magic of the 3M ™ Attest ™ Sterilization Solutions
By: Sylvia Cleaver
J & J ASP presents – New Rhythm of Reprocessing J & J ASP presents – ASP Innovation Arena

Session Details:


Surgical instruments can be complex devices and they continue to increase in complexity.



In many cases, ultrasonic cleaning is indicated by the instructions for use (IFUs). As a result, there is confusion in the industry as to when the cleaning process actually begins and how ultrasonic cleaning is used correctly for maximum outcomes.

This visually informative webinar will provide a diverse yet cohesive set of information through animation sequences and clear, easy-to-understand images to show how and why ultrasonic cavitation is so important.


Learning Objectives:

  • Explain the significance of cleaning before, during and after the use of ultrasonic cleaning. With the support of great visuals comes great understanding. Through animations and graphics, an enhanced knowledge to support the proper and effective use of ultrasonic cleaning will be visualized.
  • Discuss the CSA vs AAMI ST79 guidelines regarding point-of-use, ultrasonic cleaning, and cleaning verification.
  • Provide a means to become more aligned with the OR staff to enable better outcomes for the patient.

This presentation will be for all medical device reprocessing processing professionals but especially for those staff primarily engaged in ultrasonic cleaning


Thomas Overbey

Speaker : Thomas Overbey

Bio :
Overbey’s experience originated as media producer at the University of South Florida, College of Medicine, producing content for medical research and education. He has generated live and on-demand surgical procedures for peer-to-peer training and produced the first live surgical case on the iPhone.
For the past five years, Overbey has served as the marketing director for Ultra Clean Systems promoting safe cleaning practices, and he serves as an advocate for connecting the OR to the SPD for maximum operational efficiency. He has presented numerous times in the past including IAHCSMM, CAMDR and other related conferences.


Introducing trophon2… the latest innovation in ultrasound probe high level disinfection.



In this presentation you will learn about Infection risks in ultrasound and hear about the 2018 National Standard of Canada to be followed in the reprocessing of ultrasound transducers. You’ll be introduced to trophon2, the latest innovation in ultrasound probe disinfection, with a hands on display. You’ll also be able to watch a short educational video which takes you through the four simple steps involved in the reprocessing of ultrasound probes: Clean. Disinfect. Store. Trace.


This learning session is for anyone involved in ultrasound infection prevention and the reprocessing of ultrasound probes.


Florence Ouellet

Speaker : Florence Ouellet

Bio : Florence Ouellet is a Technical Sales Specialist at Nanosonics, responsible for managing client relationships and developing the territory of Quebec, Atlantic and Ottawa. Florence has graduated from HEC Montreal and has over 7 years account management experience.


Trends in Sterile Storage



Outlining sterile storage products that adhere to CSA standards and increase capacity and efficiency.


This learning session is for anyone involved in ultrasound infection prevention and the reprocessing of ultrasound probes.


Katie Flynn

Speaker : Katie Flynn

Bio : Katie Flynn has been with Acart since 2001 and helps develop and implement sterile storage systems across Canada.


Workflow and Productivity in Sterile Processing



  • Understand ways of streamlining process by observing workflow.
  • Discuss LEAN/MUDA concepts for sterile processing.
  • Define areas where waste can be eliminated.
  • Discuss ways of better utilizing current staff and assets


Mark Duro

Speaker : Mark Duro

Bio : Mark Duro, CRCST, FCS, was previously the Director of Sterile Processing Operations at New England Baptist Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. New England Baptist Hospital is a leader in orthopedics and is the official hospital of the Boston Celtics.
For the past twenty years, Mark has been in the sterile processing management profession is also the current Vice President of the Massachusetts Chapter of Central Services professionals. Mark has been an IAHCSMM approved instructor for the past 6 years, as well as being a part of the AAMI ST79 working group and is a voting member.
In 2011, Mark was awarded fellowship status within IAHCSMM and is one of 34 Fellows.
In 2012, Mark was awarded the educator of the year award by IAHCSMM.
In 2015, Mark was appointed to IAHCSMM’s Executive board.
In 2016 Mark was elected to IAHCSMM President elect.
Currently, Mark is the current Director of Education of Crosstex International Inc./SPS Medical. He was appointed to the AAMI ST79 Advisory council and is also on the AORN news advisory for sterile processing. Mark consults in areas of Sterile Processing nationally and internationally.


New Developments In Endoscope Reprocessing



This presentation is an overview of the new developments in endoscope reprocessing.


Learning Objectives:

  • List the reprocessing steps for a flexible GI endoscope from bedside to storage.
  • Review updates in endoscopy reprocessing, guidelines and standards.
  • Name at least 2 ways to demonstrate quality assurance in endoscope reprocessing.


The target audience for all key stakeholders that are involved with reprocessing of endoscopes from front line employees to management and infection control.


Jane Smallwood

Speaker : Jane Smallwood


  • Over 35 years of health care background in both the clinical and health care industry
  • Experience in procurement, teaching, consulting, administration and nursing
  • Experience with acute care, academic, community and long term care facilities
  • Experience with ambulatory and surgery centers
  • Experience developing green site programs
  • Experience in both the USA and Canada health care systems
  • Currently employed with Olympus Canada as a Nurse Consultant/Educator


New Rhythm of Reprocessing



ASP is proud to support the 2018 CAMDR Conference in Halifax, NS. You are an important partner in infection prevention in the MDRD and we look forward to sharing the New Rhythm of Reprocessing with you.
Please join us for light refreshments as we showcase the latest in sterilization technology as well as a look at what’s to come…


No Speaker Listed


GI Reprocessing Room: Don’t miss a chance to build it right!



Many problems arise from the inadequate design of GI reprocessing rooms. Simple things can make a big difference. Learn how good planning and the proper design approach can foster a safe, efficient and convenient work environment in GI reprocessing areas.
Target audience: Endoscopy reprocessing/MDRD Managers, supervisors and technicians


Speaker : Patrick Hennessy

Bio : Patrick Hennessy has been working in the medical industry for more than 30 years and is engaged in infection prevention for 15 years, with focus on reprocessing reusable medical devices.
He has gathered valuable knowledge through his involvement in various construction and renovation projects for GI reprocessing rooms across Canada and has a great deal of experience relevant to the reprocessing of flexible endoscopes.


Current Standards vs. Best Practices in MDRCSRSPD Water Systems




Mark Houghton

Speaker : Mark Houghton

Bio :Mark Houghton is a chemical engineer out of the University of Waterloo with a background in water treatment system design and validation within hemodialysis, medical device reprocessing and pharmaceutical applications. For the past 9 years he has worked exclusively in the water treatment industry, helping to provide innovative solutions to meet customer requirements and overcome unique challenges. Since joining Cantel’s water purification team, Mark has been focused on the life science and medical water system markets working on major hospital redevelopment projects as well as new facility construction. He is a frequent resource and consultant in modernizing legacy MDRD departments with a focus on infection prevention and control.


The Magic of the 3M ™Attest ™ Sterilization Solutions



Simplify, Standardize & Streamline your monitoring process. Come see the Power of 2-in-1 in our new 3M(TM) Attest(TM) Dual-reader Biological Indicator System with any-well technology for steam and vapourized hydrogen peroxide! Presentation accompanied by “The Magic of Michael James”, local magician extraordinaire.


Sylvia Cleaver

Speaker : Sylvia Cleaver

Bio : Sylvia Cleaver is the Professional Services Specialist in 3M Canada’s Infection Prevention Division. As the Canadian technical lead for 3M Canada’s sterilization portfolio, she provides technical support and education across the country. This includes delivering training, participating in conferences and working with sterilization professionals in all types of settings. She is also a presenter for Medical Device Reprocessing Association of Ontario (MDRAO) MDR technique course covering the Sterilization Chapter. Sylvia is a participating member on the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and International Organization for Standardization (ISO/TC 198 Sterilization of Health Care Products). She obtained her B.Sc from Western University, a certificate in Ophthalmic Assistant and a post graduate certificate in Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance.


Surgical Products Specialties : Visual Inspection of Medical Devices



This will be a 45-minute program to help attendees understand the importance of inspecting medical devices in many ways. It will involve a short power point introduction followed by 3 (interactive) hands on work stations (3 tables set up with different activities) and the opportunity to ask question during the 45-minute program.

The attendee will learn of some of the more difficult to clean medical devices.

The attendee will understand the importance of visual inspection of all medical devices

The attendee will learn about processes and tools used to visually medical devices cleanliness.

The attendee will learn the importance of following Manufacturer’s Instructions for Use. This is a power point presentation with Q&A during the program with the attendees.

Program outline 4-minute introduction (power point)

12 minutes at each work station – rotating after each 12 minute. This offers and gives each attendee the ability to test / try / hands on activity at each work station various products and techniques for inspecting medical devices.

5-minute wrap up with Q&A


Speaker : Steven Kovach

Bio : Stephen M. Kovach is the Director of Education at Healthmark Industries located in Fraser, Michigan, USA. He has been in the medical field since 1975, thus he is celebrating his 43th year in Healthcare. Stephen is active both on the state and national levels of various organizations having held many positions. Stephen was the Educational chair for AORN Specialty Assembly for SP/MM (2006-2010) this was a volunteer position. He is a member of IAHCSMM orthopedic council for loaner instrumentation. He is an active voting member on various AAMI committees (ST 79 and ST 91). He also has been an instructor at the Community College level and published many articles varying in subject matter from perfusion to the importance of cleaning surgical instruments. Stephen has held many positions over the years and out of them all he is always proud to say “I have worked in the Heart of the Hospital- Medical Device Reprocessing Department”.


Responsible & Cost Effective Reuse of Single-use Medical Devices



On September 1st, 2017 Health Canada began regulating commercial reprocessing of single-use medical devices. Learn about an innovative new opportunity and how Stryker Sustainability can help reduce your hospital operating budget and environmental footprint in the surgical suite.


Nick Sandy

Speaker : Nick Sandy

Bio : Nick is responsible for managing Stryker’s Sustainability Solutions (SSS) in the Canadian market. SSS is the leading provider of reprocessing and remanufacturing services for single-use medical devices.

Third Party Reprocessing of single-use medical devices (3PR) is the practice of inspecting, cleaning, function testing, sterilizing and packaging so that they can be clinically and safely used again.


Wrangling the Chaos of Record Keeping with Electronic Documentation




  • Describe the overall types of electronic documentation systems for SPDs
  • Discuss the benefits and capabilities of electronic documentation and workflow management systems for the SPD
  • Explain the critical factors to consider before investing in any electronic documentation system


Ian Paquegnat

Speaker : Ian Paquegnat

Bio : Ian is a graduate of the University of Waterloo with a BSc in Health Sciences. He has over 30 years’ experience in the medical device industry. In his current role, he is the Director for Consumable Sales and Clinical Services for STERIS Canada. Ian is also an active member and Chair of the CSA Technical Committee for Sterilization in Healthcare and represents Standards Council of Canada as a delegate on various ISO Working Groups.


Surgical Instrument Marking and UDI Compliance





Patrick Haney

Speaker : Patrick Haney

Bio : Patrick Haney is president of Keir Surgical and Mobile Instrument Service & Repair (Canada). For nearly 20 years, Patrick has been engaged with Canadian medical device reprocessing personnel and with international suppliers to the medical device and medical device reprocessing communities. Patrick served from 2011-2018 on the CSA Technical Committee for Medical Device Reprocessing. Patrick works and resides in Vancouver, BC.


Multiple Challenges, One Solution; IntegraLink Equipment Services



Integra Lifesciences is a medical technology company with a singular focus on limiting uncertainty. The uncertainty that often surrounds surgical outcomes which, in turn, means having timely access to appropriate devices to complete the job. Our desire to bring to market innovative technologies has helped make Integra a market leader in the field of surgical instruments, neurosurgery, extremity orthopedics, plastic and regenerative technologies.
Join Matthew Ibbett for a description of Integra Canada, and Chris Sogard as he delivers an overview of the IntegraLink Equipment-Tracking and Reporting solution from Integra. During this session, Chris will provide a short history of how Equipment-Tracking has evolved and how it can help you manage increasing demands on your budgets and productivity targets. IntegraLink has already enabled many Canadian hospitals to offset costs and provide real-time analysis on asset utilization in the OR and MDRD. See how it could help your organization too


Speakers : J. Christopher Sogard- Global Business Development Leader, Integra LifeSciences.

Bio : Mr. Sogard is the Global Business Development Leader for Integra lifeSciences specializing in the IntegraLink asset management software. Before joining Integra in 2017 he was CEO and founder of TGX Medical Systems for 15 years. He is responsible for developing and implementing the Alex Gold/ IntegraLink asset management system in MDR and OR throughout North America. As part of those responsibilities his mission is to help departments improve their processes and throughput as well as capturing all reportable data related to curbing infection rates through monitoring all instrumentation as it moves through assembly, sterilization, used on patients and back to decontamination while documenting all Quality Assurance methodology.


Matthew Ibbett – Head of Sales, Codman Specialty Surgical, Integra LifeSciences Canada

Bio : Mr. Ibbett has been in medical sales since 1995. He has worked in a variety of fields including Cardiac Pacemakers, Surgical Equipment, Biosurgery, Specialist Lab and Neurosurgical Instruments. Having started his career in diagnostic imaging, Mr. Ibbett decided to move into the world of commerce as a Sales Representative and has progressed through a number of roles in sales, business development and marketing. He has held his current position as Head of Sales for Integra’s Codman Specialty Surgical division for almost two years


Redefining Washing Automation



This session takes a closer at the workflows in the decontamination and assembly areas and the potential role of automation. Learn about how washing automation may impact staff safety, ergonomics and workflow efficiency.


Sarah Brown

Speaker : Sarah Brown

Bio : Sarah Brown is the Product Manager for Washers and Washing Automation at STERIS Corporation. Prior to STERIS, Sarah worked as a Product Manager for Invacare Corporation, a medical device manufacturer in Northeast Ohio. She received her MBA from Case Western Reserve University. While attending business school, Sarah also worked for 3M Company in St. Paul, MN working across multiple divisions, including the Post-It® brand and 3M Healthcare. Prior to her MBA, she worked in marketing communications roles for B2B media and non-profit organizations.


Steriview to Validate the disinfection Quality



Sterview is a video Borescope device to check your medical devices and instrument channel.


Speaker : TBA

Bio : TBA